If you would like to submit your dating website for review and listing on our site then please enter the details below.  We welcome submissions from dating website owners whether you are a part time webmaster who promotes your site in your spare time, or a full time dating website who has a larger portfolio of sites with a variety of themes.

We will visit your site and write a review based both on the personal perspective of a potential member and also on our knowledge of the industry.  The review will contain an eye-catching screen shot or banner and it will be on the home page of this site for a while and thereafter stored in the archive where it can still be found by visitors or by searches in Google and other search engines.

There’s no charge for this service, but we do ask is that you place the following link on the homepage of your site:

<!–START Bestukdatingsites.co.uk–>
We are listed among the <a href=’http://www.bestukdatingsites.co.uk’ target=’_blank’><strong>best dating websites in the UK</strong></a>
<!–END Bestukdatingsites.co.uk–>

Please note that your review and listing will not be published until this link is in place on your homepage.  Your review in our site will remain in place as long as your link to us remains on your homepage.  We look forward to receiving your submission :-)

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