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by exuded99

excuse. ..I stayed

nervous with him and i started cursing him under several names .. he didn’t fight back. he showed that he is affectionate .. one day he showed me his ex girlfriend. i was dying of jealousy .. i intend to meet him soon 🙁 .. i hope i learn turkish fast ..i already declared myself to him .. whenever i don’t speak to him i listen to music that reminds me of him .. like yalin ki sen .. i already showed brazilian music and he liked it .. he is very soft .he is not iginorante .. i like to call him moscao and he doesn’t understand and asks .. i like to play with him ..making riddles. I met 2 of his friends on the face … both beautiful … my mor is perfect .. if i can i do everything for him .. i already stayed one night thinking about him .. his voice is perfect .. i I love .. I don’t know if he loves me .. I will wait 4 years for him to propose to me (I hope) the Turks are more affectionate than the Brazilians .. they are not macho .. the worst part of liking a Turk is why brazilians don’t understand what they say .. and turkey is far away .. i hope to miss the plane thing to visit him… soon for me to meet him (i’m dying for that) i have m he doesn’t like me .. i’m afraid of being bigger than him .. i already asked his picture more or less. I didn’t answer 🙁 more oks … I’m crazy about him .. and I want to send him a gift .. from brazil to la>