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by exuded99

.I found a strange person, at the same time rude, sincere and kind … I think it is one of those that you classified as naughty, you know Jessica … I was wondering, are the Turks really that hot ??? I wanted to understand…

Girl very pleased I am Brazilian and I am really enjoying a Turkish man, I really liked what you say about them now I am more confident in taking this relationship until we get married. I am in love with him he with me more

we have never seen it in person.I am grateful for everything you conveyed in your blog, you killed my curiosity.continue talking more about these wonderful men very respectful and kind.i will be your follower a hug

I met a Turk and to my surprise, very different from Brazilians. I realized, in a short time that we were together much of what you reported. I was delighted with the way he (the guy I met) looked at me … and I, I responded … it was very nice this exchange of looks, deep and sincere (something I don’t see much here in Brazil between men and mulehres)

We stayed and it was sooo good !! We just stayed, it surprised me that he didn’t exist for sex (as is common in barsil tbm)

As I would go back to Brazil the next day, he left the phone and when I was here I sent a message …

I wanted to know if the attitude is common in Turkish men, I realize that when he writes to me it is clear how much he liked being with me and the desire to see me again, but … he doesn’t say how, do you understand …? he says he liked it and wants to repeat, just … his words: “I think you, I really want to kiss you and see you again, don’t forget me” ….

and ??? is this behavior common in Turks? do they expect something from the woman or prefer to decide …?

I feel like talking to him more, but I don’t know how to act, he hardly speaks English and I don’t speak Turkish, ahahhaha

So girl … it’s hard to say that kind of thing. In general, there is always that thing of the man preferring behind and the woman kind of making herself difficult. But there are a lot of Turkish people who don’t like it. My boyfriend owes 2 girlfriends before me, and the 2 asked to date him.

If he were to depend on me, we would never date, because it is not my way.

And he came after, you know? But he’s more restrained, and in general, he would have preferred me to go after him or something.

You have to analyze the situation well and see how YOU feel more comfortable too!

Life shared with Turkish people is really very difficult, most are very maxist and force us to submit ourselves to things that are often impossible …

I love a person, who promised me everything … I gave up everything, job, home, economic stability, studies, school, family, everything and the result is that even if you do not convert … you will never be he really accepts … his post is really beautiful and it is a pity that not all Turks are so sensitive and loyal.