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by exuded99

Being connected can decrease homesickness and shorten distances, but it can also increase the desire to give that check on what the partner has been doing.

Ana Luiza Vale, 21, and Miguel Láper, 24, have been challenging the distance with much discipline and dedication for over three years. She, from Brasília, decided to leave her heart for the land of Minas Gerais and, since then, the couple has tried to get used to the routine of coming and going and conversations on social networks; the beginning is always more complicated. It was all very new to me. We had to get used to the homesickness and learn to talk virtually ;, says Ana. She and her boyfriend usually chat several times a day via WhatsApp and video.

For Ana, social networks are essential and help to maintain a healthy relationship. ; We need contact, I can’t imagine dating like in the past, based on letters, for example. Social networks end up being the most practical and inexpensive way to keep in touch .; The student believes that, with the internet, it is possible to participate in the boyfriend’s routine, even when the two are far from each other.

The distance does not prevent the couple from giving that monitor in what the other comments, likes or shares, but Ana Luiza guarantees that the two do not have this custom. ; It is really easier for us to know what the other person does, with whom he speaks or where he is. But I think that, in a distance dating, we have to let go of these things a little. There is no point in watching; she says.

Contact with social networks, however, does not eliminate the need for meetings whenever possible. The couple see each other quite often and, for Ana, this is what helps to maintain the relationship: the hope and the expectation of the meeting. ; Whenever we have a little time in our busy days, we try to be together. We like to be included in each other’s daily lives; she says.

The internet also played a crucial role in the relationship between Francine Verzeletti and businessman Ryan Clark. From the unpretentious conversations in an online chat seven years ago to the marriage proposal in Scotland in 2015, the couple has on the network almost one; third element; of the couple, as defined by Francine. After three months of conversation, in 2010, Ryan boarded a plane bound for Brazil. ; He spent four days here, met my parents and everything ;, recalls the dentist.

Before returning home, Ryan presented his girlfriend with a bouquet of flowers and a letter in a bottle, promising that they would meet again soon. The boy would return to Brazil two more times that year, and the country would become part of his permanent vacation schedule. Distance dating lasted six years, always with the internet and its tools as an escape valve for longing. In 2013, Francine went to Scotland for the first time.

When they completed five years of dating, the marriage proposal came in the vicinity of Dumbarton Castle, Scotland. ; He called his family, so did mine. When we reached the top of the castle, we heard a noise. His cousin pointed to a plane in the sky, and when I looked, the plane had a banner written on it: Fran, will you marry me?;,; remembers. At that moment, Ryan was already waiting for his girlfriend’s reply on his knees, with the ring in hand.

Even engaged, the two still need to live more than 9 thousand kilometers away for a year, until the wedding is made official and Francine’s visa updated. ; At first, I saw distance as something negative, but I was too young, I exaggerated everything; Every day, the routine is the same: at a combined time, the two needed to be in front of the computer to talk. ; The smartphone, for sure, was a very good invention for our relationship. It only exists thanks to the internet ;, adds Francine. ; You learn to see distance as something that makes you grow in the relationship. It forces you to build a relationship based on trust, patience. If you already start this way, it is very difficult to go wrong .;

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