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online dating rules: On the web Internet dating 101 – Precisely what An individual Need to Find out Before Sinking …

by exuded99

For example, have you ever had a picnic in a park? Yes. But what about a picnic on the top of a building or on a mountain, where you can watch together at sunrise or sunset?

Another idea will be to get your partner to do something he has never done before, to take him out of his routine. It can be anything: horseback riding, taking you to an exotic food restaurant you have never tried or parachuting. Once again, pay attention to the tastes of each one and the degree of involvement you have with the person, which allows you to get to know them better or not. Nothing to put your foot on the ring when inviting someone to take a boat trip when she has a water phobia and doesn't know how to swim ...! We all like someone who will provide us with satisfying new experiences, which will add more color to our world. But it is necessary to respect the limits.

Choose a day and time that is perfect for both of you. You don't want to rush your partner or candidate to your unforgettable date in a hurry. Being a surprise, try to start a conversation first, so that he or she gives you the right evidence.

Visit more than one place with your partner. What do we mean by that? We give you an example: if the plan is a romantic dinner in a restaurant, choose one that is located near a park, so they can walk hand in hand after dinner. The important thing to make the meeting as unforgettable as possible is to plan a change of environment, which will consequently change - and, quite possibly, improve - the mood and the climate between both. Note that for this you must have time, so the previous point must be well chosen.

If it is to be romantic (o), then it must be so from the beginning, so the invitation must also be special. And when we say special, it may not even be very elaborate. You can simply opt for the clichés and send her a bunch of flowers with a note to arrange the meeting, or even a box of chocolates. For him? A message full of humor or a message wrapped in a beer bottle. Even better? Use your imagination!

Most of the meetings take place around food. Therefore, it should be specially designed for the occasion.

If you like to cook, you can venture out into the kitchen to show your partner how dedicated you are. And even if the food is not perfect, he / she will be happy just for trying to make it - just for him / her! - an elegant dinner.

If the kitchen is not your strong point and you don't want to take any chances, but you prefer to stay calmly at home, why not hire a home catering?

Finally, you can simply choose to go to a good restaurant and thus not have to worry about either the food or the environment, focusing only on the meeting itself.

There are things you can do to add a touch of romance to your date. Start by producing yourself appropriately for the occasion and opt for seductive behavior, speaking in gentle tones and always with a smile (sincere, no forced smiles!). If the meeting is at your home, music cannot be missing, so you should compile songs that represent the best of your relationship or, if it is the first meeting, relaxing and sensual themes.

Even on Valentine's Day you don't have to offer great gifts. It may just be a treat that will melt your better half's heart. For her, she can offer the classics: flowers, chocolates or a soft toy. If you want to adapt the offer more to your personality, why not a book with a romantic dedication, a montage of photos or video recorded on a CD? For him, he can also compile a CD with music he likes, offer a book or a spectacular photo of himself so that he can remember you at all times, etc.

Finally, for a meeting to be unforgettable it will be necessary to speak. And what to say? What do you feel! Demonstrate how special the person is to you. And to be able to choose the right words, think about the meaning that your partner has for you.

The most important thing in this moment for two is to remember that romantic attitudes often involve simple actions, which are meaningful to both and, preferably, are fun so that your meeting is - in fact - unforgettable!

Also discover some practices that you can follow in the future as a couple, to ensure that the flame does not go out and that the passion does not end!

online dating rules: On the web Internet dating 101 – What exactly An individual Should Realize In advance of Dimming …

by exuded99

Sophie Watson Four common online dating rules that you should ignore There are numerous articles created to teach people about Internet dating rules. But, here's the thing: And that means that some rules that were seen as gospel truth are no longer relevant in the dating environment. We found four outdated tips: Of course, when you think about it, what looks silly: Online dating is incredibly normal. Clearly, the first method makes more sense.

Online Dating Email etiquette May 28, In almost every aspect of life, we go after the things we want. Not thrilled with your work? Gather your resume and look for a new one.

New dating rules for today's modern single. Bad news, Music: released the results of a survey that shows dating rules and habits have changed. Again. But even if the.

Follow-up Dear Diane, I am a recent graduate and recently faced several job interviews. I go home with a headache every Read more. See what our customers think: Diane offers practical advice for people who work with people. She teaches our students and staff how to successfully transition to the professional world, covering everything from networking, business etiquette, social media, communication skills, and dressing.

Her seminars are practical, so students can practice every step of the way. It provides serious content in an energetic and witty way, and students leave feeling more confident and can immediately apply what they have learned. Diane knows how to captivate an audience and keep them engaged. Her tips are always current, practical, and timeless.

She does not provide meaningless feedback in a charming way and her "tell it how it is" approach is new, understandable and authentic. Of course, she cares deeply about empowering others and inspires them to do the same. She's the real deal! Its easy and open confidence, engaging style makes it fun to learn the finer points of etiquette that are useful in business and everyday life!

See Blaylock's book and newsletters, and my cancer pages. I would use Lugol's iodine instead of algae, which absorbs heavy metals from the environment in which it is grown. See my main page on cancer and the Chemtrails page on pure chlorella absorbs heavy metals from the environment and coriander, precursor of NAC glutathione, a powerful antioxidant. I use the Morton blue salt substitute with more potassium chloride than sodium chloride as a potassium source, along with some additional KCl or potassium citrate.

I get most of my nutrients from specific raw organic mixed vegetables. See my page on raw foods and cancer.

Dating Advice The new Dating rules. Times have changed - and so have the rules about the biggest game of your life!

At this point, everyone knows about online dating. One of my recent female clients had only two photos, and both were professional shots. This is a huge red flag for men.

online dating rules: On the net Dating 101 – Just what exactly A person Really should Recognize In advance of Dimming …

by exuded99

(Answer given by Rita Frade Pina, senior associate, and Sérgio Mesquita Dinis, associate, from Laboral da PRA)

Thanking you for your question, we inform that within the scope of the exceptional, transient and temporary measures adopted by the Government, the financial support granted under the simplified Lay-Off regime does not cover the managing partners. As for managers, companies can only benefit from the temporary exemption from the payment of the respective Social Security contributions as long as the employer benefits from the measures provided for in Decree-Law no. 10-G / 2020, of 26.03.2020 and during its validity.

This means that it is necessary to have employees for the measures to be applicable and, thus, companies can benefit from the contributory exemption provided for in relation to their MOEs.

In the situation where the company of which it is an EOM does not have any associated employee, it will not be possible to apply the measures and, consequently, it will not be possible to benefit from the contributory exemption.

However, it is anticipated the preparation of draft amendments to the law, to be submitted by several parties, in order to allow micro-companies, constituted only by their managing partner, without any employee, to also access the lay regime. simplified off, thus allowing State aid to pay the manager's salary, without the need for credit.

(Answer given by Rita Frade Pina, senior associate, and Sérgio Mesquita Dinis, associate, from Laboral da PRA)

Thanking you for your question, in fact Decree-Law no. 10-G / 2020 of 26 March, which implements the possibility of a simplified lay-off mechanism, covers only the labor contracts of workers covered by this exceptional measure and temporary.

To that extent, consolidating the management position in a mandate and not an employment relationship, a Statutory Body Member cannot be covered by this mechanism.

Without prejudice, in the case of a company that, in addition to the manager, has workers at its service, using the employer to the simplified lay regime, the company will have the right to total exemption from the payment of Social Security contributions in relation to its workers. and members of Organs statutory bodies, during its term, while maintaining the contributions of the latter.

(Answer given by Rita Frade Pina, senior associate, and Sérgio Mesquita Dinis, associate, from Laboral da PRA)

Thanking you for your question, and assuming that you are referring to the simplified Lay off measure, in fact, Decree-Law no. 10-G / 2020 of 26 March, covers only the employment contracts of the workers covered by this exceptional and temporary measure.

The simplified lay off is an instrument for responding to the crisis situation that the country is going through, allowing to support companies in maintaining jobs, mitigating situations of business crisis.

Accordingly, since an employment relationship is not underlying the exercise of the management position - through the execution of an employment contract - but rather a mandate relationship, a Member of the Statutory Body cannot be covered by this measure.

Without prejudice, in the case of a company that, in addition to the manager, has workers at its service, using the employer to the simplified lay regime, the company will benefit from the right to total exemption from the payment of Social Security contributions in relation to its workers. and members of Organs statutory bodies, during its term, while maintaining the contributions of the latter.

online dating rules: On the internet Courting 101 – Exactly what People Ought to Know Prior to Dipping …

by exuded99

Therefore, they should alert the person in charge of the company to the need to comply with the obligation imposed by this law on the matter and make him / her aware of your interest in switching to teleworking.

1. No. The teleworker, because he is carrying out the due activity, even at a distance, from home, maintains the right to the respective remuneration. It happens, however, that the meal allowance (such as the transport allowance) is not intended to remunerate the work performed: its purpose is different and follows from an option of the employer to claim an expense that the worker incurs for the mere the fact of having to go to the workplace and stay there for the whole day (an expense that would otherwise fall on the worker). Therefore, it is only due when the worker actually travels to work, not when it does not happen - for example, if the worker is on vacation or absences (even if justifiably) from work. Only then it will not be in two situations: if the applicable collective bargaining agreement (or the employment contract) establishes that the meal allowance is always due, regardless of the need to appear at the workplace, and if the amount of the meal allowance amount of money largely exceeds the expense it intends to compensate (the law refers to normal amounts), in which case it already performs a remunerative function for the work provided. In these two cases, the telework allowance will be maintained.

2. Quarantine (which the law refers to as “prophylactic isolation”), provided that it is decreed by entities that exercise authority in the health area (eg, health delegate) is equated with the illness of the worker. In such a hypothesis, the absences given by him are considered justified and he will be immediately entitled to sickness benefit (no need, according to the law, to check the guarantee period, the professionality index and the certification of temporary incapacity for work and without waiting period), the amount of which is equal to 100% of the reference remuneration amount.

Not being the quarantine decreed by the aforementioned entities, but rather suggested by the employer or voluntarily adopted by the worker, the 14 days of absence from work in which it translates will be considered justified absence if the employer so chooses. When this happens, the worker loses the right to remuneration for the entire corresponding period (unless the employer voluntarily decides to pay him), and is not entitled to any social security allowance.

With regard to meal allowance, because these two situations translate into an absence from the workplace and failure to perform the proper activity, both imply - unless otherwise stated (by law, collective agreement or contract) - the loss of worker’s right to it.

In view of this, checks will fall on the past dates, but how will we be able to fulfill obligations if we are out of work (end customers do not leave home companies have closed and have not made payments) Nor do we have new services ... we are completely closed. Will there be or is there anything regulated so that the company does not default with the credit provider and insurer?

Banking procedures for discounting bank checks follow the usual terms and have not changed due to the pandemic.

online dating rules: Online Dating 101 – What You actually Ought to Understand Prior to Dropping …

by exuded99

Take advantage of this opportunity and you will win. If you waste it, you will always lose. It is very simple to reason on this subject.

We mention another fact from Disney, which is to provide “guests” with an average of 60 opportunities to contact a cast member. In her philosophy of excellence in customer service, she wants to make each moment magical. This cast actively seeks opportunities to create one of those magical moments.

An example of this exceptional moment is when a boy in a wheelchair lost his autograph book. He was in tears when he left. Then, one of the characters in the cast asked what had happened. Upon learning that the boy suffered from a terminal illness and his dream was to go to Disney and set up an autograph book with the characters and that he had lost that book, he promptly asked them to wait for about two hours, as he would be looking for the book. This character in a short time triggered a large number of other characters and all mobilized for the cause and signed another book for the boy. After the stipulated time, there he was with a new book, filled with more autographs than the one that had been lost and given to the boy, completing the magic moment. People treat customers the same way they are treated (CONNELLAN, 2010).

The basis of the relationship, both with internal and external customers, reflects the level of excellence in loyalty strategies. However, it is necessary to understand and identify that customers are not all the same and cannot be treated as a mass, as each one has its particularity and wants to be served in its individuality, that is, the watchword is: customize the service .

Understanding a little more about this strategy, customization is the way in which the company adapts the client's preferences, taking into account his particularity, so that he has something unique and exclusive. Thus, the customer has the feeling that the entire company is focused on meeting their needs and even if it is not in the way he expected, at least there was an effort to meet their expectations. Thus, there is a strengthening in the relationship with the customer, providing their maintenance with the company.

Currently, the consumer society adheres to stable relationships as long as the company understands the client's individuality. How often do we think about changing banks, telephone operators, credit card and even companions. Why don't we change? Due to the inconvenience of infidelity. You try to exhaustion to keep this or that mark, right? Only when there is no more hope, a given service is given up or replaced, for example. Thus, the company must take advantage of these attempts to alert the relationship and seek to optimize service, in the sense of full customer satisfaction at the time of purchase. With this, she will better understand what is around her, in addition to identifying the ideal way to maintain two-way communication, in order to obtain the positive result.

online dating rules: On the internet Adult dating 101 – What exactly An individual Need to Understand Ahead of Dropping …

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There is no such restriction that he talks about. I worked at the Indian consulate in SP and I know what I'm talking about. Be careful.

Hello my name is andreia I have 24 nos and a short time ago I met an Indian named Nehree Rajput also of the same age in a relationship chat he lives in the city of Hyderabad we talked and he soon asked me if I wanted to date him I said no, no i knew him well after a few days he asked for my whatsapp and i gave it he told me he was liking me and wanted to know how many men i had relationships with because he said he could not marry a girl who is not a virgin or in his words a good girl I told him that I have already had relationships with other men but I had never had sex with any of them because they didn’t trust me detail I always had relationships with few men, after I said that he told me he could marry me the fact that i am a virgin his family would not stand up for our marriage, he told me that he will come to brazil on december 27th of this year for work and will stay here for 5 years he is a software engineer and he told me that he is from a rich family in india and that his country is a successful trader, another detail about him and that he practically flees my husband and said that he wants to spend the new year with me and my family so they can meet him better because he intends to marry me here in brazil as in india another detail about him and that his family doesn't know about me yet said he will only talk about me when talking to my family u can advise me because i am very confused i said him to go to wander about our relationship because I do not trust him 100% to believe everything he says, people who answer me please

hi i am 2years and 5 months with a bengali we love each other very much i came to germany with him i am very happy with him so q his family still don't know about me will they be accepting me.

So, I've known an Indian for about 2 years, and we've always been friends. He even asked me for sexy photos, but I never did. I asked him to respect me and he understood that it is never asked again.

For those times he has been asking a lot to travel together, to get to know each other better, and that he is willing to pay for my tickets, and said that he loves me and wants to make me happy. And he tells us to stay together for a while and then decide what will become of our future. Because according to him, I do it very well. I have already asked if he did not care about my culture, a religion completely different from his. He said no, I also asked him if he didn't care about the clothes I wear (I wear normal clothes, not those clothes that mark the body, or that show the ass or the breast) he said no.

online dating rules: On-line Dating 101 – Exactly what A person Should Realize Just before Dropping …

by exuded99

In the first part of this series of articles, we looked at the biggest cultural differences you can find when dating in China.

When you think you are sufficiently aware of what it is like to date Chinese boys or girls, see below for information on the best Chinese dating apps out there.

China has a very different culture than you may be used to, so it's not surprising that there are certain cultural differences or things that may be new when you go out with Chinese guys ...

If you haven't seen it - Read Part 1 of the series or continue reading this one below ...!

Relationships in China: The good, the bad and everything - Part 1 Dating anywhere in the world other than your country of origin is a sure way to find some cultural differences and even experience a culture shock. This also if ...

I am not sure how it is in other cultures, but it is true that in British culture, a pat on the head is usually used in a paternalistic way when you want to suggest that someone is being childish or naive.

In Asian culture, this is like touching someone on the arm, giving them a kiss on the cheek or a hug.

Luckily, I see a lot of Japanese dramas and anime, so I was aware of the etiquette of a pat on the head and I was touched when it happened to me the first time.

Or not just shopping bags, but your suitcase or wallet? Dating a Chinese boy may be your answer.

Coming to China for the first time, I was quite confused by the number of adult Chinese men who were walking around with round, plush pink bags, or Gucci wallets.

I soon realized that these objects belonged to their girlfriends, or to their other half who were with them.

Well, Chinese boys really enjoy taking care of their partners. This can be a bit exaggerated for some Western girls who like to be independent and take offense when someone holds an open door for them to pass.

Yes, you can take care of yourself. But it is always nice to have someone who takes care of you too. However, as I said before, this can become a bit exaggerated and you can get fed up with the morning message "today is going to rain, don't forget your umbrella".

No, I'm not just talking about DPA (public displays of affection) that you can find, or the disgustingly cute couples hugging and wearing matching clothes down the street.

And it is not uncommon for them to fight in public, instead of keeping it private as we generally prefer in Western culture.

I saw many couples on the streets yelling at each other, girls throwing rice on the floor or snorting.

Contrary to what happens in the West when we let too much time go by without saying what is going on, and this accumulates until it becomes too much.

Paying the bill in China, whether you are on a romantic date or with friends, always ends in a heated discussion or competition of who can connect your WeChat first.

online dating rules: On line Courting 101 – Exactly what You Should Understand Before Dipping …

by exuded99

There are people who demand that the other person respond to your messages immediately, regardless of whether the person is busy or not. It doesn't work there either, right? It takes common sense and balance. You can't be in control of the other person, because it stifles the relationship. And in return the other person cannot be giving cause for jealousy either, for example, posting things on the internet or in groups on the watsap, but not responding to (the) girlfriend (the); or is posting photos hugged with another girl, even if they are friends. These are important precautions that we must take.

But one thing is certain: if you want to date, even more if you are at a distance, then you will have to overcome sick jealousy and insecurity, and learn to trust the other person and develop your self-confidence, recognizing your own worth.

What helps to avoid communication problems is to combine the days and times to speak. This avoids many misunderstandings and misunderstandings, in addition to creating a healthy expectation. Ideally, the woman would wait for the boy to call and the boy would take the initiative to contact her, especially if it was already arranged. It is important for the woman's emotional security and to help the initiative on the part of the man.

But learn not to want to talk about everything in a single day, leave a little topic for the next time, right?

It is important that face-to-face meetings take place whenever possible. Especially for special moments or a surprise. It would be very interesting to have even a few dates planned throughout the year.

If you have met and started dating on the internet, you cannot postpone the first date for a long time, and if the person keeps making excuses and leaving it for later, there is something strange.

The most correct thing would be for the boy to go find the girl. Because for obvious reasons, a girl should never travel to meet a “guy” she met on the internet, especially if it's her first date.

It is also not advisable to travel alone as lovers, as this exposes you to the risks of physical and sexual intimacy before marriage.

Usually, the family environment and good friendships are the most privileged space for your face-to-face contact. Those who date at a distance need to see some reactions from the other person and in that sense the physical presence is irreplaceable.

This point is fundamental. Because every relationship needs a plan and goals. And the purpose of dating is to prepare for marriage. And you will need to be even closer to each other, before the wedding, to better prepare yourself for it.

Therefore, it is necessary to establish a realistic deadline for the end of this distance dating, as uncertainty and unpredictability generate more anguish and anxiety, and often unnecessary conflicts. Not to mention, it is very strange to stay in a relationship that has no future goals, and when the other person does not make the slightest effort to shorten that distance as soon as possible.

Finally, regardless of the experience we may have had of distance dating, we know that he has some very specific challenges. But the fact is, that with the grace of God and the personal commitment of the boyfriends, it can work very well.

online dating rules: On the internet Online dating 101 – Precisely what An individual Really should Find out Before Dropping …

by exuded99

com, Mercado Livre;

5) another phenomenon is “getting out” - men and women abandon the busy life and seek well-being, facing the tonic - family first-, prioritizing family life, quality of time, rearrangement of priorities, consequently boosting leisure-oriented businesses and, consequently, increasing the tourism segment;

6) people living alone - closely linked to the growth in the number of singles, whether they are divorced, separated, widowed and the young people themselves, which increases the demand for properties in a dormitory, decreasing the supply and thereby increasing the value of square meter;

7) “ups” - men who care about their appearance, investing in their own image, to become more attractive, favoring the sale of cosmetics, clothing, accessories and the full agenda in spas and beauty salons;

8) the delaying of aging - the increase in the number of patient-clients in the plastic surgeons' offices, in search of the dreamed “eternal youth”, directly impacts the sale of dermocosmetic products, raising the client's self-esteem, presenting the beauty benefit from the inside out, that is, taking a few pills will reduce stretch marks, for example, that is, beauty without physical efforts;

9) segmentation by lifestyle - the polarization of attitudes, which means the search for increasingly smaller and different niches, causing stores to modify their interior designers, provides the breadth of assortments to please your customer as much as possible;

10) the new employability formats - the Home Office, for example, adopted by some organizations concerned with improving the quality of work of their employees - internal clients - preparing the entire environment in the homes of the elected, making them perform their activities as if were in the office itself;

11) the Third Age - companies have been carrying out concrete actions to favor this public, also known as the Best Age, which opts for travel and luxury products / services, realizing sleeping dreams;

12) the increase in religiosity - the client is currently also looking for his balance, returning his thought to the sacred environment - the spiritual side - and with that we have thousands of copies of records sold by religious artists and the emergence of temples and television programs diverse beliefs and religions;

13) the green wave - aiming at both the search for so-called natural products, as well as the concern of the treatment that companies adopt to preserve the environment, as an example, if it is focused on the sustainability of the planet for future generations, in addition to actions social responsibility, among others.

It is worth mentioning the example of the former Banco Real, currently Banco Santander, as it was the pioneer of sustainability actions in the financial market, providing integration between the brand - employees - customers. This synergy resulted in a leverage in the market value, getting its customers to raise the green flag and adhere to social cause marketing, such as: cultural programs aimed at the elderly; the university account; all of the bank's printed communication was on recycled paper, moving a healthy atmosphere, creating a sense of belonging to the brand and this won over more customers and made others loyal, making them not change banks due to the fees simply, but because it offers a competitive advantage , on which it was founded on the basis of excellence in customer service.

14) and lastly, they are called small indulgences or search for well-being - this term is used when we do those little treats for ourselves, as an example, a dinner in a beautiful restaurant on the weekend with the family, having the feeling reward for having a very productive week with excellent deals.

This achievement makes companies aim to get closer to the consumer, in order to meet a momentary need, but that satisfies with satisfaction the achieved achievement and, thus, products and services are offered that have a cost / benefit. It is worth remembering that you cannot indulge yourself by buying a high standard apartment, for example, but products such as bags, shoes, cell phones, wines, among others.

These variations in behavioral styles show us that companies, when they look around them, realize that in the middle they have much more conditions to meet the level of customer expectations. We realized that, many times, simple attitudes are missing, such as a smile on the attendant's face or calling the customer by name, facts that increase the relationship, captivating the preference for the company. Following what was mentioned in relation to transformations in consumer / company attitudes, we will analyze how the quality of products and the search for excellent service impacted Brazil,

online dating rules: On the internet Adult dating 101 – What An individual Must Learn In advance of Dropping …

by exuded99

BPM Team

Hi, I also met an Indian and every time he makes a video call on WhatsApp, I shower him and he masturbates, but I've seen that he just wants this with me, after all I'm married…

But when I start asking him, he disappears and blocks me, then he appears and says he was busy, I have no illusion with him, as they are more than 14 thousand kilometers away ...

get out of it, woman. that man doesn't love you. if he loved you i wouldn't ask you to be naked. open your eye

Hello Isa .. I have been talking to an Indian for two weeks now, he is 23 years old and is finishing his law school. As everywhere I read about it, he is very romantic, he says he loves me, thinks about marriage, says he will come to know as soon as he can. He never asked me for money or any talk related to it, which makes me more relieved, on the contrary he always said that money doesn't matter. He doesn't ask me invasive questions, as girls often quote. But during these two weeks I have been reading a lot of things, in order to understand what is happening. And the testimony of so many women who were beaten by Indians does not let me trust him. I was wondering if there is any way to know who he really is. Thank you in advance

Hola, I have been talking to an Indian for two weeks. He is never polite, he never asked me to take off my clothes. He didn't even ask me for anything, he always cares about me. But I found out that he is married, what do I do…

The guy is married. In India it is common for married men to have extramarital adventures and their wife together. They never part ways with their wife, although some keep several girlfriends around the world. The decision as to what to do is yours alone. If you are looking for a relationship with someone that is more than an adventure, it is best to get out.

Hi! I'm talking to an Indian and he asked me to marry him! He's 35 and a widower? What can I do to know if he really likes me? I never dated anyone from another country!

Hello I fell in love. For an Indian a month ago we talked and it was like for hours he stopped sleeping anytime I wanted to talk to him he was willing and so that I conquering agent has many things in common I spoke with the face I do not speak with him anymore for having missed with respect with me he sends me messages to the email at dawn and waits for me to answer I don't want to answer anymore, he says he loves and will always love me and begs me to come back to him every day he sends a message I want to free him he doesn't speak either. He doesn't sleep right thinking about me, crying. I don't believe, what I do is he taking advantage of the knowledge that I like him? Very persistent, I've blocked it 3 times, sometimes it depended on me, but now I'm not going back to what do you think?

Hello, Camila left the blog collaboration.